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Thanking Around Process: Bucharest

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Romania the first thing that comes to mind is the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary (Harry Potter fans, this is for you). Oh yeah, and then Dracula. Basically Romania was a place that we weren’t thinking about visiting, but the best thing to do while you decide a destination is typing the country or some cities’ names into Google Images. The result is usually a ok-we-must-go-there reaction.

For this country we stayed mostly in Bucharest, but we had a visitor from the Netherlands for a few days (hi, Nikola), and a road trip through the countryside to see castles! We went to Brasov, and passed by Ploiesti, Sinaia and lot of other really tiny villages. Check it out:

Ploiesti, Romania

Brasov, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

With all those cities, the characteristics that I noticed the most were the roofs. They all have that pointy detail at the top, and A LOT of beautiful ornamentes at the bottom. It’s interesting because before coming to Europe I thought that the architecture was pretty much all the same, but each country has its own unique characteristics. But of course, you can see all the things I mentioned by looking at the castles below.

Spoiler: The Peles Castle is my favorite. It almost wins from the Budapest Parliament. Almost.

Bran Castle

Church in Brasov, take a look at the roof.

Roof detail on the top of Peles Castle.

Isn’t it the most beautiful castle you’ve ever seen? If it’s not, PLEASE send me a picture of the one you like best.

Basically this was my reaction when I saw the Peles Castle for the first time:

Yep, the boyfriend saw it first, picked up the camera, called me to take a look at it and took the photo. 

After those pictures, you can notice that it’s obvious I only started to create the lettering art after that trip. But it was totally worth it, because seriously, look at those type references!

As you can see, the doors and windows were some pretty great references for the color palette. Now what about the type?

I have A LOT more, but these styles were mostly the ones I used to create mine. I really enjoyed the medieval-inspired alphabets, so I mixed them up a bit. After a while reminding myself to enjoy the process while sketching, I basically created only 4 sketches for this one. There’s nothing better for your learning than enjoying the process and the present moment. Believe me, your anxiety will thank you for this.

With all that in mind, I just changed the E and C from those sketches and started to vectorize. After beginning the vector phase, I confess that everything went by really quickly, because as I started and finished the sketches on Monday, I then began to vectorize on Tuesday, and finally Wednesday and Thursday were only about refining everything, choosing a color palette and finishing up on Photoshop.

Yup, four days. About the color part, I already knew that I wanted a dark background with a lot of details, so I just looked for that on the pictures taken and created the frame inspired by the Romanian roofs!

Four days was a really short time for me, because I basically worked until 1am almost all week, and that is something that I REALLY avoid doing, once that I’m totally a morning person. But you know what? It was amazing and I only did that because I didn’t see time go by. All about enjoying the process thing. 😉

If you have any other questions about something I didn’t say here, you can send me an email or reach me on social media!

You can see the entire project here!

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