Photo by Henrique Lira

I’m a graphic designer, lettering artist and illustrator from Brazil and traveling the world, with a degree in Visual Arts from PUC-Campinas in 2015. Since then, I’ve been creating posters for film studios (Coat of Arms), social media arts (ICONIC Network), T-shirt illustrations and book covers. My work has been recognized by Behance Graphic Design team, AIGA Member Gallery and Abduzeedo twice.

When not drawing or playing with bezier curves, you can find me posting pictures on Instagram, inspiring artists for ICONIC premium users to make a living doing what they love, getting to know a new country, or talking to myself on Twitter. I’m passionated by what I do and it’s amazing to inspire more people to do what they love.



“Neogenesis Exhibition”
Image and Sound Museum in Campinas, SP

Rochester Contemporary Center, in Rochester, NY

“Everything That I Don’t Know”
Immigrant Memorial in Vinhedo, SP

“Mostra Elogios”
Tennis Club in Campinas, SP


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