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Thanking Around Process: Belgrade

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Belgrade. Ah, Belgrade. Cute streets, flowers everywhere, really nice cafés and restaurants, and the food! Such cheap and delicious food! Remember back at the Zagreb post when we had our...

Thanking Around Process: Bucharest

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I don’t know about you, but when I think of Romania the first thing that comes to mind is the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary (Harry Potter fans, this is for you)....

Thanking Around Process: France

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Bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuit, or whatever is the time you’re reading this. Yes, this process is all about croissants, pain au chocolat, cheese, delicious breads, crêpes… Is it weird that...

Thanking Around Process: Berlin

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Berlin, ah Berlin. So little time and so much learned. Berlin is a city that breathes art, freedom and history, and I’ve never seen anything like that. This was my...