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Thanking Around Process: Berlin

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Berlin, ah Berlin. So little time and so much learned. Berlin is a city that breathes art, freedom and history, and I’ve never seen anything like that. This was my...

Thanking Around Process: Zagreb

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Usually when europeans think about Croatia, their first thought is “beautiful beaches, cheap country”. My first thought when I arrived was: OH MY GOD SO MANY TULIPS AND SUN! If you...

Thanking Around Process: Budapest

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Budapest, oh Budapest. Such a beautiful and cold (very, VERY cold) city. As a brazilian used to a winter with temperatures no lower than 10°C, Budapest really made me wear...

Thanking Around Process: Lisbon

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When I first started planning to change my lifestyle and become a digital nomad, the first thing I thought about was to create this project. But as per usual, we tend to doubt that...